About the Circle

The Corvus Circle



The Corvus Circle is about creating space for our primal, natural connection with Mother Earth to take root.  It’s consciously walking away from everything filtering, discolouring, editing, and censoring your experience, in order to allow that natural connection to flourish.  It’s sacred ground for honouring the presence of Spirit in all things.  The Corvus Circle is a return to Love and Light, where real magick happens.

As children, we love Magick.  We love the brightness of it, the thrill of it, the endless possibility that it brings.  It scares us a little, but it excites us – we still see adventure in the unknown.  We dance in circles, we howl loudly, we wave wands of birch, and pine, and flowers.  We run with our hearts and laugh from our bellies.

We sing with birds, talk to animals and find solace in trees.  We wish upon the stars.

It all comes to us so naturally, as if it were meant to be.  Normal.  Biological.  Predestined.  


But then . . . we “grow up”.  

We silence the voice of Magick until we can’t hear its Song anymore.  We’re told it isn’t real and so we tuck it away in our attic of memories and leave it there.  But we notice its absence.  The emptiness in its wake.  We spend years trying to fill it, but we have no idea what to fill it with because we can’t remember what used to be there.

Disconnection from the natural world leaves a longing inside of us that we can’t source, a craving for something more.  For something real.

Do you feel it, sweet Soul?

It’s your Magick, calling to you from beyond the walls you’ve built.  It wants you to remember.  Remember the brightness, remember the adventure, remember the vast possibility.  It beckons to you, offering a dream to grow beautifully lost in.  

And it’s never too late to lose yourself in Magick.

Speak to it, softly.  And listen, closely.

Our connection to the Earth – Mother Earth, Mama Earth, Gaia, Goddess, Great Mother, Blessed Mother – is essential to our wholeness.  It’s the most direct path to peace within ourselves.  All of the pains we can’t heal we can release to her and she will take that energy and transform it to be made useful again.  

And the Spirit that animates her, animates us.  It’s what allows us to connect with the Earth so naturally.  

Breathe deep, dance in the rain, walk barefoot on her surface, and you will begin to remember who you are.

The Corvus Circle is a celebration.  The primal howl of the Earth’s prodigal children.  It’s where we find our way back to Enchantment – and back to who we really are.  Open yourself to Magick, and it will come sweeping in with all its passion and symphony.  And for the first time since you wandered beyond the borders of that little garden gate . . . the world will grow.

The purpose of The Corvus Circle is to serve as sacred space to open the way for magick to return.

If you find yourself longing for that “more” you can’t describe, I invite you to let your curiosity lead the way. When that flicker catches your eye and draws your attention away from everything you’ve come to know, let it, no matter how out of the ordinary. You’ll know you’ve found the path when your inner compass begins to hum.

Follow that white rabbit to the ritual of song and fire in the distance, and don’t turn back – the only way to create change is to move forward. For the past to remain in the past, you must leave it there.

And don’t fear your Shadow as it follows closely behind. It’s longed for this dance, too. You’ll see.

Your Magick is calling, my dear.

Let it in.

The Corvus Circle