The Lost Girl

The Corvus Circle



One very cold and very dark December night, I had a thought:

Where did all the magick go? Can we ever get it back?  Is it lost forever?  Or what if . . . it’s waiting, patiently watching from afar, knowing that one day, when the time is right and my heart is ready, I will hear its melody again, my Soul will take up the song, my body will remember the dance, and my spirit will spread its wings and fly . . .

My path back to my Magick wasn’t easy. I struggled for many years before finally finding my way. Some days it’s still difficult to make that connection with myself, but now I know that it doesn’t matter if it takes me an hour or three days to find that place again – when I get there, magick will be waiting. That knowledge alone tames my fear that I’ve lost my connection to Spirit (and consequently my Magick) any time that I struggle to get there. Releasing that fear has brought down walls between Spirit and I that were years in the making.

In the depths of my darkest moments, it was the radiant love of the Great Mother and the passionate fire of Spirit that opened me back up to magick. The world changed before my eyes and it’s never been more beautiful.

I want to help you see magick in your world again. I want to help you release the fears holding you trapped, the old beliefs that no longer serve you, and the lies put in place to smother your brilliant Light. I want to help you open yourself to receiving, burn away all negativity, and reawaken the sacred dance in your blood.

The purpose of The Corvus Circle is to serve as sacred space to open the way for magick to return.

If your world’s lost its glow and you find yourself longing for that “more” you can’t describe, I invite you to let your curiosity lead the way. When that spark catches your eye and draws your attention away from everything you’ve come to know, let it, no matter how out of the ordinary. You’ll know when you’ve found the path because your inner compass will begin to hum.

Follow that white rabbit to the symphony of song and fire in the distance, but don’t look back – the only way to create change is to move forward. For the past to remain in the past, you must leave it there. 

And don’t fear your Shadow as it follows closely behind. It’s longed for this dance, too.

Blessed be, Namaste, and welcome, my love, to the Circle.


SYDNEY “SATES” GALLANT is an Artist, Witch, Wild Heart, Moon Child, Spirit Seeker, Writer, and Daughter of the Earth. She is a Lightworker, Intuitive Card Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, and Founder of The Corvus Circle.