The Lost Girl

The Corvus Circle



One very cold and very dark December night, I had a thought:

When did life become so sad?  So heavy and suffocating?  Why doesn’t laughter come easily anymore?  Why is it wrong to use our imaginations?  To fantasize?  To believe anything is possible?  Where did all the magick go?  Can we ever get it back?  Is it lost forever?

I was in a pretty dark place in my life, the kind of dark place that leaves little room for meaning or inspiration.  I struggled for many years before I found my way.  But eventually, during a cup of tea, a thought became a tiny, wild idea, and I turned to the Earth for help, seeking that connection with Spirit that I had ignored for so long.  The healing it brought to my heart and very Soul was nothing short of magick.

Some days it’s still difficult to make that connection within myself, but now I know that whether it takes me an hour or three days to find that place again, it doesn’t matter – I will get there. That knowledge alone tames my fear that I’ve lost my connection to Spirit any time that I struggle to feel it. Releasing that fear has brought down walls between Spirit and I that were years in the making, and has made all the difference.

In the depths of my darkest moments, it was the radiant love of the Great Mother and the fire of Spirit that opened me back up to magick in my world.  I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the support of that divinely natural connection, and for that reason I know I have to share what I’ve learned to help any other Lost Souls out there find their reason to breathe again.  This path isn’t for everyone, and won’t heal everyone’s sadness and pain, but if you’ve tried everything and there’s still no Light to steer by, seek your connection to Spirit.  To the Earth.  Anything is possible.

I want to help you see magick in your world again. I want to help you release the fears holding you trapped, the old beliefs that no longer serve you, and the lies put in place to smother your brilliant spark. I want to help you open yourself to receiving, burn away all negativity, and reawaken the sacred dance in your blood.

Blessed be, Namaste, and welcome, my love, to the Circle.


SYDNEY “SATES” GALLANT is an Artist, Witch, Wild Heart, Moon Child, Spirit Seeker, Writer, and Daughter of the Earth. She is a Shadow-Worker, Intuitive Card Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, and Founder of The Corvus Circle.