Welcome Earth Child

One who has heard the drums


The Circle is a movement – for your Soul.  It’s a call back to Spirit, back to our song, back to the sacredness of Mother Earth.  Calling us Home.

It’s the drumbeat in your chest that matches the one beneath your feet.  It’s the joy echoing through your bones that feels connected to the stars. 

It’s throwing aside the masks, the chains, the heavy shrouds of falsity that you’ve cloaked yourself in, abandoning who you thought you should be in a celebration of irrevocable love for who you are.

You are a part of the Whole.
You are Spirit made manifest.
You are perfection.

It’s time to return to where you belong –
the Holy Wild of your sacred heart.

That is where you rule from.

Leave your judgments and suffocating fears where they lie and meet yourself where you are right now.  Meet yourself with compassion, and unwavering, unshakable Love.

That is where you rule from.

I have danced tirelessly with Love.  

And Love is always thrilled to see me, no matter how long between dances.

It’s your turn.

It’s time to let your magick back in.

To be of the Circle is to stand by each other, through every blazing fire, starlit dance, and forest of shadows.  It’s being strength, patience, and unwavering love when we need it most.  

To be of the Circle is to be a part of a whole, a kinship millennia in the making.  It’s recognizing the magick in each other and nurturing it as we nurture our own.

It’s hearing the song on the wind. 

Getting lost in the artwork of water. 

It’s that moment in a forest, on a mountain, or in some other vast, natural space, when you make the conscious decision to breathe deep.  

To be of the Circle is to be aware of the connection between all things, to seek the energy of Spirit in that connection, and reignite our primal relationship with Great Mother – that longing in our bones that feels connected to the stars.

This is the way of the Circle.

The Corvus Circle

An' It Harm None

“Bide within the Law you must,
in perfect Love & perfect Trust.
Live you must & let to live,
fairly take & fairly give.”


The Lost Girl

Who started the fire

I know what it’s like to feel lost.  Trapped.  Isolated.  I’ve felt burdened, suffocated, and so very, very tired.  I’ve clawed through darkness, frantic for light, panicked for breath.  I have battled depression, anxiety, rage, hatred and despair, only to tear away their armour and reveal unhealed parts of myself, staring back at me, desperately begging for love. 

But I had never been taught to love myself, only to fight to express my pain in all the wrong ways.  I have cried, wailing, drowning in grief for everything inside myself that I was letting die.

And it was in my moment of darkest despair that the Goddess came to me, as she always does for her Lost Children, and said:

"No, sweet child. You are here with me, right where you are meant to be."

Relief came upon me like a cool mountain rain, and the heaviness finally released its grip on my heart.  I knelt and dug my fingers into the richness of Her earth, feeling Her pulse echoing through my blood.  My tears turned to diamonds in Her hands and I knew a peace I’d long forgotten. 

Because it isn’t ourselves that we lose, it’s our connection – to ourselves, to Mother Earth, and the divine thread woven through all things: Spirit. 

When you reconnect to this holy place inside yourself, you find all of the answers you seek. 

It was only when I was able to accept myself exactly where I was, without defeat, but with compassion, that I could finally stop fighting.  Instead I could love.  And when I let love in, I could feel the music again.

And dance awoke in my blood.

This is where I rule from.

Listen in the mist for the heartbeat of the drums; the voices of the Wildlings, calling to the stars.

Watch for the firelight dancing between our shadows.


Welcome to my Circle.


Sydney “Sates” Gallant is an artist, writer, intuitive empath, Spirit Seeker & Wild Heart. 

Her practices include alternative healing, card reading & natural witchcraft.  She is certified as a Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner, Akashic Record Reader & Tarot Coach. 

Her goal is to help guide the Lost Children of the world back to their Holy Wild, and teach them that no matter if they walk in light or in shadow, the power is – and has always been – theirs.

The Corvus Circle