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"The circle is a symbol of the infinite & finite. It is everything & nothing...symbolic of the never-ending cycle of creation & destruction, birth & death, and a symbol of the cosmos without beginning or end.”

Mat Auryn

The Corvus Circle

Something Wicked

Where Witches Gather, Sovereignty & Magick Abound

Lore tells of gatherings of witches, great circles congregated in forests, fields & hollows. When the moon hung heavy & full among the stars, ’round the fires they danced & called, raising the energy to release for their own divine purposes. The circles may have changed, but the divine sovereignty of the witch remains. I wish to celebrate this energy by casting a virtual circle to relish in some good old witchy vibes, calling the quarters, inviting the sacred divine masculine & feminine, and having a cackle or two along the way.

Wicked Wednesdays

Join me the first Wednesday of the month to celebrate witchery, sovereignty & magick. Open to all respectful denominations of the Craft. Feel free to bring your own cakes & ale, bread or wine, or both or neither, and anything that helps immerse you in those delicious sabbath-esque vibes: candles, crystals, sacred smoke & the like. But more than anything, bring your authentic, vibrant, celestial self; your deep & beautiful witch’s soul.

The First Wicked Wednesday Gathering:

Wednesday, June 5th @ 8:00 pm EST

The Dark Moon in Gemini

The Dark Moon isn’t visible in the sky, the last remnants of her waning crescent vanishing from sight, on the cusp of her new cycle. The Dark Moon is the Ending before the Beginning, the time to witness your shadows and acknowledge your healing, to prepare for what the next cycle will bring.

Welcome to the Dark Side, Wildling. Where we meet ourselves exactly where we are, and love whatever we find there.

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Wicked Wednesdays 2024 Schedule

Subject to change. Life happens. Check back for updates.

Circle begins at 8:00 pm EDT/EST

Wednesday, June 5th

Wednesday, July 3rd

Wednesday, August 7th

Wednesday, September 4th

Wednesday, October 2nd

Wednesday, November 6th

Wednesday, December 4th

The Corvus Circle