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To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.”


The Corvus Circle

You already carry every ounce of power you need inside of you – I am simply the humble and happy catalyst to your awakening.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much of what you’re carrying is actually yours to carry?  How much of what weighs heavily on you was taken on by your own free will, and how much of it was placed there by others: those you trusted, those you didn’t, and those you never even knew?

Did you know that sometimes the ties we carry from childhood can suddenly pull tight in adulthood, forcing us to face things we’ve left behind so they no longer keep us from moving forward? Even things we believed we already healed.

Different parts of ourselves will be ready at different times. The trick is welcoming each part with love, and being open to its lesson, understanding that every moment of healing has a ripple effect on your past, present and future, with your highest good at its centre.

The power has always been yours.

My sessions are designed to return that power back to your own hands.

The Corvus Circle

I have been drawn all my life to the power of magick, and the idea that it can move through us, leaving lasting, powerful change in its wake. I have studied energy work and alternative healing modalities extensively, immediately enthralled with the worlds of Reiki and crystals. It felt real and tangible and natural to me. I’ve worked with multiple Reiki Masters and crystal healers to help expand my understanding and skills, and build a practice that speaks from my heart and allows me to do the work I feel called to do, in the way that most resonates with me and my own magick.

Together, let’s open the way for your magick, to let it back in to find perfect communion with your heart and soul.

Side effects of any energy healing therapy may include: vivid dreams, strong emotional responses, deeper breathing, better sleep, heightened intuition and empathic abilities, as well as a vibrant, conscious awareness of your own awakening.

Due to their personalised nature, all virtual and distant sessions are final sale.

In-Person Sessions Have Closed

My wonderful, beautiful darlings.

The Wheel of my World is turning again, and the Song of my Soul is pulling me toward my next adventure. I have been absolutely, undeniably blessed to have met such incredible people on this magickal journey. I have shared moments in sessions and readings where the beautiful truth of humanity was revealed in the vibrant connections made between myself and my clients. I am eternally grateful for the lights, the lessons, and the moments of laughter that I’ve shared in my time at Healing Moon. Thank you, endlessly, for all who allowed me to walk their path with them, even just for an hour. I will carry those experiences forward and wish all the very best for your brilliant, bright futures. 

I will be expanding my virtual services over the next couple of months in order to continue serving and sharing my magick.

All my love,

Sates xo


Crystal Healing


The Ancient Art

of Laying on Stones

This beautiful practice invokes the powerful energies of Mother Earth to heal the spirit, and in turn, the body.

Honouring the unique relationship between crystals and the energy centres of our bodies, these sessions are designed to bring your aura, Chakra system, and sense of personal power into alignment with your highest good, while offering deep relaxation and energetic reset.

All sessions are tailored to your specific goal or intention, with Love as the driving force – because Love always wins.

30 minutes – $75

In this gentle session, we will clear your aura of any blockages and send balancing energies to each of your Chakras.  This is a great way to dip your toes into energy healing therapy, or if you’re experienced, it makes a wonderful tune-up session.

60 minutes – $125

This next-level session includes more aura clearing and deeper Chakra work, allowing more time to clear away any heavy blockages, tight cords or deep-seated fears.  This session is perfect as a seasonal cleansing, during periods of transition or release, or whenever your spirit calls for healing.  Treat yourself!

90 minutes – $180

This premium session includes a deep-healing ritual to get to the roots of your fears, heal past traumas, cut the cords still holding you trapped, and clear away anything and everything your Higher Self deems worthy of release.  Make it an annual gift to yourself to celebrate another year of growth and expansion, or any time you feel it’s time for a spiritual deep clean. 

I am currently working on making these appointments virtual! Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Want to know where I get my crystals? My favourite little shop: Healing Moon.


Reiki Healing


The Japanese Art

of Alternative Energy Healing

“Reiki is Love, Love is Wholeness, Wholeness is Balance, Balance is Wellbeing, Wellbeing is freedom from disease.” – Dr. Mikao Usui

A beloved tradition of holistic therapy performed using the Usui Reiki Ryoho Healing method, which guides life-force energy to release blockages and heal any imbalances within the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.  

Each session includes aura clearing in the form of sound therapy, ritual smudging or a combination of both.

30 minutes – $55

A gentle session to clear your aura and balance your Chakra centres.

60 minutes – $90

Deeply relaxing session to remove any cords, stagnant energies or heavy blocks within the aura, as well as more time to nurture each Chakra centre.

90 minutes – $125

For those who find deep peace in the presence and experience of a Reiki session. Offering more time to tend the aura, the Chakras, and any other area of your being that needs love and healing at this time.


I am currently working on making these appointments virtual! Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Want to know where I get my crystals? My favourite little shop: Healing Moon.


Distant Healing


The Ritual Art

of Transcending Time & Space

All that is needed to access the power of Distant Healing, is to be consciously open to the intended energies being sent to you, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

Within sacred space, I will reach out and connect with your personal energy vibration and conduct a healing ritual consisting of a combination of Reiki, crystal and sound healing practices, to release any blocks in your aura, bring balance to your Chakra system, and open your connection to Spirit and the healing you need most at this time.

During the scheduled time of your session, you may wish to sit or lay quietly with music playing, or you could sleep, or go about your day – what’s important is your openness, consent, and acceptance of the healing intentions.

30 minutes – $75

60 minutes – $125

90 minutes – $180

Each session contains the same ritual foundation of aura clearing and Chakra balancing, with each level offering more time to work in each area, as well as an oracle card pulled at the end to offer a little extra guidance. 

All sessions include a PDF ebook containing photos and a detailed description of the ritual, to be emailed within an hour or so following the session itself (just in case technology isn’t entirely on my side, as is occasionally its way).

Distant Healing Session (Choose One)
(Optional) Session Intention:

Distant Sessions are scheduled via email based on EST (Eastern Standard Time) hours. I will reach out within 24 hours of your purchase via the email provided at checkout, and together we’ll find a time that works best for your session.


The Corvus Circle


“For years I have struggled with the aftermath of cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, and their volatile toll on the mind and body.  I suffer from severe fatigue and anxiety which brings on chronic depression.  During this session I felt relaxed.  To the point I fell asleep, but could still hear my own breathing and actual snoring.  Almost trance-like, but aware.  I felt a rush of energy and could see a rapid river flowing.  I also saw a majestic wave in the ocean, which was me.  A feeling of powerfulness I haven’t felt in years.  After the session, and for days to follow, I had an abundance of energy and a feeling of happiness which is so rare for me.  I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who feels less than they are.  Sydney was very intuitive and enlightening.  Informative and caring.  I would suggest this to everyone.  Thank you Sydney!  I will be booking regularly in the new year!”


“I was just want to thank you so much for helping me. Your kindness made it so easy to trust you with your session. The results are just amazing. I felt myself again right after the treatment. Light and happy! Your detailed notes helped so much to start working on the root of the chakra imbalance. I already had a session with a therapist and your notes were so helpful to start working on what is causing the imbalance. I appreciate it so much what you have done. You are making a true difference in my life. Its so comforting to know that you are out there to help! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Sydney! I look forward to the next session!!”


“When I met Sydney, her vibration and clean energy was so rare to be presented with this day in age. I had never in my life experienced a human that was so deeply *authentic*. She was such a breath of fresh air and left me feeling so relaxed just solely from speaking to her.
She reminded me that aside from all the articles and programs that promote this journey within, that there are infact people that walk our earth in their wholeness! Sydney is one of these memorable human beings that the light just melts from her and directly into your being and it feels so amazing to be in her presence!!

Sydney’s passion for Energy Healing undeniably comes through as she indulges in her practice.

I personally was seeking Chakra balancing. Sydney’s warm disposition allowed me to feel so so comfortable which promoted me to relax more efficiently and that promoted our session together to unfold so beyond magically.

She worked deeply on my Chakras. As she worked her light I just remember feeling that our paths were certainly intended to cross and Energy Work had never felt so good from beginning to end!
I awoke from my Chakra Balancing feeling very rested and relaxed.

I regained Clarity that I deeply needed. She provided a strong sense that I was not alone and there are no words to describe that feeling.
Thank you Sydney. Thank you so much.
5 ☆☆☆☆☆”


On March 20th i had come into the healing moon I was all over the map then I was introduced to a lady named Sydney as I call her the lady with the healing hands 🤗 as I had a crystal raki I have never felt so many feelings going through my head yet at the same time I felt calm as we started the raki I seen so many colours and so many feelings going through my body the most amazing feeling I have ever had, I’m more now looking forward to my journey and finding out more about me and who I am.”


The Corvus Circle
The Corvus Circle

Disclaimer: Any information suggested during a Crystal/Reiki/Distance Healing Session should never be taken in place of any financial, legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. The session facilitator will not be held responsible or liable for any losses/damages/issues arising from the information suggested during the session, including without limitation, any indirect or consequential losses/damages/issues, and any actions or decisions that a client chooses to take and/or make based upon the results of a session. The session facilitator does not predict illnesses, pregnancies or deaths, nor offer any financial, legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. All actions and/or decisions taken and/or made by the client as a result of any information suggested during the session are the sole responsibility of the client and by purchasing a session or service the client indicates understanding of these terms and waives any and all ability to take legal action against the session facilitator.

The future is subjective and far from set in stone – you can change your path at any time.

The Corvus Circle