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empower your body

Your body carries deep wisdom & truth. It is your anchor to the present, where your power lives. Listen closely.

The Corvus Circle

How much of the heaviness you carry is even yours?

Do you know the ties you carry from your past, even childhood, can suddenly pull tight without warning, forcing you to face what you’ve left behind? What you may have believed you already healed?

Different parts of you will be ready at different times. Be patient with yourself and know every act of healing ripples throughout your past, present & future, healing you as a whole.

It is never too late.

Side effects of energy healing may include:

vivid dreams, strong emotions, deeper breathing, better sleep, heightened intuition, and a vibrant, conscious awareness of your own awakening.

Transcend Time and Space | The Corvus Circle

Distance Healing

Love Healing & Distant Healing

Within sacred space, I connect with your energy & invoke Mother Earth to support our session. I work with a combination of Usui Reiki, crystals & cleansing to bring your aura, Chakras & personal power into balance; to shed what isn’t serving your greatest potential, and release what’s holding you in place so you can move forward. The session will end with a card pull for a peek of insight into what’s ahead for you following your healing. During your session time you may wish to sit or lay down in a quiet place. Perhaps listen to calming sounds or music. You could even journal. Just rest & be present with yourself, wherever you are on your path. 

What’s it like?

Every experience is individual. Clients have shared experiences of gentle tingles, or areas feeling warm or cool. I’ve even had clients tell me it felt like soft movement within them, almost like water. Some clients don’t feel anything at all, but when their session is complete they notice feeling different, lighter & less stressed. Some people even fall asleep. Crying is natural as you release emotional blocks, and can accompany many different emotions, such as happiness, sadness, loss or relief. Other reactions include yawning or tummy rumbles. The physical body responds to releases in the emotional & spiritual bodies because they’re all connected. These sessions help strengthen that connection.

Mini Crystal Healing

Mini Crystal Healings are unscheduled and performed using intuitively selected crystals in an activated grid filled with your desired intention.

I’ve worked with several Masters & healers over the past decade, following every intuitive nudge of my curiosity, to expand my understanding & nurture my gifts, and offer an experience that resonates deeply with myself & those I connect with. I am grateful to share their path for a time & offer what guidance I can.

It Is Safe To Rest

Must be 18+ years of age to purchase.

Distant Healing Session | The Corvus Circle

Distant Healing Session

These sessions allow space for your energetic body to draw attention to what needs healing most. You can also specify areas for healing when scheduling your time (for Love, please book a Love Healing Session).

The Corvus Circle - Love Healing

Love Healing Session

These sessions are specifically designed to focus on love – past or present, time is irrelevant to distant healing. Heal old wounds, grief, new wounds or limiting beliefs around love, or learn to love yourself again.

Mini Crystal Healing Grid | The Corvus Circle

Mini Crystal Healing

This offering includes the creation of a small crystal grid designed & activated based on your intention. These grids work beautifully for healing, self love, chakra balancing, abundance, protection, energetic refresh, etc. 

Session Disclaimer: Healing Sessions should never be taken in place of any medical/professional advice of any kind. Any actions/decisions that a client chooses to make based on the results of a session are the sole responsibility of the client and by purchasing a session or service the client indicates understanding of these terms.

The Corvus Circle

client love

“A feeling of powerfulness I haven’t felt in years.  After the session, and for days to follow, I had an abundance of energy and a feeling of happiness which is so rare for me.  I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who feels less than they are.  Sates was very intuitive and enlightening.  Informative and caring.  I would suggest this to everyone.  Thank you Sates!  I will be booking regularly in the new year!”


“I appreciate it so much what you have done. You are making a true difference in my life. Its so comforting to know that you are out there to help! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Sates! I look forward to the next session!!”


“I personally was seeking Chakra balancing. Sates’ warm disposition allowed me to feel so so comfortable which promoted me to relax more efficiently and that promoted our session together to unfold so beyond magically. I regained Clarity that I deeply needed. She provided a strong sense that I was not alone and there are no words to describe that feeling. Thank you Sates. Thank you so much.”


The Corvus Circle