Come Away, Oh, Human Child...

Remember when you were a child, and all the world was filled with magick?
Remember when faeries, dragons, and adventure could lay around any corner?
When every flicker of light at the edge of your view could be the beginning of a story?

That excitement fades over time; reality doesn’t settle in but is wrapped around us, and when we try to look over our shoulder, to see if that world we knew still exists, they force our chins back around and tell us, No. That isn’t real.
And we listen.

But then,
one day,
like a flicker of light within a rose bush,
we hear something else.

A flutter of wings.
It calls to us.

And we listen. the Waters, and the Wild

When we grow, and we move away from our magick, we become disconnected.
We leave something behind in the Wild, and in the rare moments that the world quiets enough for us to slip into a sense of awareness, we’re aware that something is missing – we can feel a tangible absence within ourselves, but we can’t remember what was there.

The echo of our magick, the essence of our souls waiting for us in the Wild, whispers to us in the unshakable belief that there must be more.
Somewhere, out there, and deep within, is a calling for more.

There is more.
You are more.
You, my love, are magick.

It’s time to remember.

Your Magick is Calling

If the centre of you echoes with the truth of these words, you’ve had enough of wondering what the silent place in you is missing. You’re tired of wondering what it is that pulls at you, whispers to you, and tempts you away from the world, to something more.

It’s connection, darling.
Your connection.
To all that is.
To you.

It’s time to let it back in.

In Memory of Magick

A 7 Day Journey

The unquestionable vastness of what is possible that unfolded before you as a child can be felt again.
You can bring yourself back to that place, to that openness in your heart.
To see the world differently. Openly. With eyes that see more than what’s right in front of them – eyes that see magick.
I have created this  journey to help you reconnect to your magick, and reawaken your ability to recognize its presence all around you.

What this Journey Asks of You

Each day of this journey, you will receive an email from me containing a love letter that speaks to you of the power of that day’s element, and how vital it is to you and your connection to yourself. These letters will include practices to help you cultivate and nurture your relationships with these elements, awakening the power within you that your childhood belief in magick never questioned.
Some practices I will guide you through; some you will be invited to adventure through on your own.
Each day will have journal pages you can either reference or print, with prompts to help you move even deeper into what you’ve learned.
You’ll also receive access to a Facebook group exclusive to those who take this journey, where I will be present to check in, cheer you on, and guide you as needed.

If this calls to you . . . answer.

Day One


Open the natural, vibrant channel between you & the flow of magick that is your birthright.

Fall back into your magick – it will catch you.


Day Two


Bury yourself in the deep connection between your body & Mother Earth, the most significant, primal relationship you were born to have.

Root your Soul back into the earth.


Day Three


Immerse your heart in this powerful, cleansing magick, to wash away what is no longer yours to carry & witness the vastness of who you really are.

Dive deep into the shadows beneath your surface.


Day Four


Give yourself over to the inescapable power of Fire & release the bonds that grip you & free yourself to breathe once more.

Let it all burn, baby.


Day Five


Surrender to the hold of Wind, the magical dance of sound & movement, invisible to the eyes, but felt on every level of body & soul.

There is so much more to you than what you can see.


Day Six


Embrace the unshakable truth & love of Spirit, the last & most powerful element, the silver thread that connects you to All.

Remember, you are Divine.


Day Seven


Weave together all the threads you’ve reconnected in your heart & body, in the beautiful pattern of who you are, finding perfect harmony with the song of your soul your Magick.

Let. It. In.

Answer the Call Within

When we are children, all the world is magick.
The sky is vast, the rivers deep, the forests a natural, incredible kingdom.
We no longer witness this magick as we grow, succumbing to the unnatural world of Man and all that it dictates we must be.
We do not lose our magick, but we silence it, until we no longer see it, feel it, or know it.

I want to help you get it back.

If you’ve ever felt lost, or disconnected, or completely ungrounded in the world around you, stop and breathe into it. 
You’re not alone. 

That something inside you,
telling you that something’s missing,
that there’s something more for you,
is the music of the Earth calling your Soul home.
Reminding you of the silver thread of Spirit that connects you to the Goddess, and comes alive in the presence of your magick.

Are You Ready for Magick?

In 7 days, you will shed all that keeps you from seeing, hearing & feeling the world in ways long forgotten.

In 7 days, you will open the way for magick, bury yourself in Great Mother’s embrace, dive deep into the vast depths of your being, burn away all that no longer serves you, surrender your hopes & dreams, reconnect with Spirit, and, finally, at long last, let your Magick back inside you.

What's Offered

  • 50+ pages of love letters written by me about each element and its sacred gifts
  • 25+ pages of journal prompts to help you dive deeper into each element’s lesson
  • 90+ minutes of recorded guided visualization practices I created for you (mp3 format) to awaken each element’s power within you, each building upon the last
  • an exclusive Facebook group to offer support and guidance along your journey

SATES /sayts/: Lost Girl, Witch, Catalyst

I’m Sates, creator of The Corvus Circle and this journey, In Memory of Magick, inspired by my own journey back to my magick. I have been practicing and living my craft for over two decades. My goal with this offering is to help you reconnect to the power of the natural world, and in turn, reconnect with the immense power within yourself. I will be with you every step of the way, and I cannot wait to watch you grow. xo

Are you ready?

Disclaimer: This journey is a labour of love, inspired by my own path, and I fully believe in and stand behind the teachings, concepts and practices that are shared in this program. However, I cannot guarantee results, as what you receive from this journey will be a mirror of the energy you put into embracing its lessons. These practices will absolutely guide you to connect deeper with the natural world and the echo of that world inside you, but results will depend on you, and your commitment to bringing these lessons into your life.

Refund Policy: If this journey doesn’t feel right after all, please reach out to me at within 48 hours of your purchase to receive a full refund.