The Corvus Circle

Blessed Be the Dark Moon

“Just like the Moon, 
half of my heart will always love the dark.


The Corvus Circle



Did you know the night before the New Moon is known as the Dark Moon?

The Moon isn’t visible in the sky, the last remnants of her waning crescent vanishing from sight, on the cusp of her new cycle. The Dark Moon is the Ending before the Beginning, the time to witness your shadows and acknowledge your healing, to prepare for what the next cycle will bring.

Meet me on Instagram every month for a warm and witty chat about one of my favourite moon phases. We’ll explore the journey of the Moon, and where she finds herself, and how her path is mirrored in our own. There may be a guided meditation and a card pull, depending where the night takes us.

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Welcome to the Dark Side, Wildling. Where we meet ourselves exactly where we are, and love whatever we find there.

Dark Moon Lives are currently on hiatus. Love you for your patience. xo

The Corvus Circle