The Corvus Circle

New Moon Circles

“Women are going to form a chain, 
a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.”

Nellie McClung

The Corvus Circle


The New Moon is such a powerful time – the perfect time to step away from all the things we’ve shed, to step forward with renewed purpose and power into the waiting embrace of our intentions, our love, and the presence of Spirit.

(I actually have a great blog post about the New Moon and why I love it that you can find here: Awaken to the New Moon)

Join us as we gather in circle together to bring in the powers of the New Moon and raise our vibration as a whole, as a tribe, as a sisterhood.  We are stronger together, and the circle we form that connects each of us to the other is endless, timeless, and unbroken, regardless of time, distance, or generation.

Our New Moon Circles have moved online for the Winter!

Please join us via Zoom as we come together from all over to connect and bond as sisters, witches, and women.

Circles are hosted by myself, Sates, and my beautiful soul sister, Lacey, of Heathen & Crone Homestead (formerly known as Wild Hearts Recovery Homestead).  We are so excited to bring this offering to you, and share our magickal mix of wisdom, wit, and energy with all of you.

The exchange to join our online circle is a minimum donation of $12, which helps keep both The Corvus Circle and Heathen & Crone Homestead going, so we can continue to offer more and more to our beautiful worldwide sisterhood.  Donations are accepted via e-transfer to or (until we work out the rest of our background tech processes!).  

NEXT CIRCLE:  Saturday, December 4th at 8pm EST


Connect with us through email, Instagram or Facebook (all listed below) for registration and exchange.  Zoom link will be sent in advance on the same day as the circle gathering.

We can’t wait to see you!  Circle is open to all who identify as women. ♥

The Corvus Circle

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The Corvus Circle