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LOVE Readings & Healing Sessions are on special until February 29th at midnight.

The Corvus Circle - Love
The Corvus Circle

empower your present

I fell in love with the cards over 20 years ago and they’ve been teaching, guiding & sassing me ever since.

The Corvus Circle

Know Thyself

“Reading Tarot cards is a way of concentrating the past and the future into a present moment and space where the clients’ questions find their answers. When a client comes with questions about the past or future, we deal or spread the cards, confident that we can see the information the client seeks. We also know that the client already knows the answers, too, and that we are merely the catalysts that will help the client draw that knowledge out of his or her deeper mind, where it lies waiting to be consciously known.”

Laurie Cabot

There are places along our path where the fog rolls in deep blankets & the brambles grow thickly across our way. Our inner compass can guide us if we listen closely, but sometimes it whispers too softly to hear…

The Tarot has allowed us to glimpse behind the shadows of the Unknown for centuries. Fascinated by the possibility of changing our fate, we actively seek the offerings of divine guidance.

There are many forms of divination, but cards hold a traditional aura that lures us in again & again.

Sates - The Corvus Circle

more than a reading

My readings are love letters, guiding you to heal, let go & take back your divine power to choose.

pick your poison

The Corvus Circle
The Corvus Circle

Mirror, Mirror

Fear is dangerous, not the tarot. The tarot represents the spectrum of the human condition, the good, the evil, the light & the dark. Do not fear the darker aspects of the human condition. Understand them. The tarot is a storybook about life, about the greatness of human accomplishment, and also the ugliness we are each capable of.”

Benebell Wen

The Corvus Circle

client love

“Wow! did you ever hit the nail on the head!! This reading has completely solidified that I am on the right path and I’m so excited for the next chapter of my life. Thank you 💛”


“I just finished reading it in its entirety. I very quickly moved from delightfully skeptical to pure delight. Delighting in this human experience, delighting in the feelings that arose and delighting in how beautifully and intuitively you weave words together (it allowed me to connect so much deeper with the message and my higher self)! A final thank you to you.”


“I am left feeling invigorated and with much clarity after my session.  I am bolstered with assurance knowing what my next move will be.  I love the insightfulness Sates provides with so much care, support and love.  Therefore, I keep coming back when the call rises within me, for her sage counselling.  You are truly a beautiful Soul who has found her true calling.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Sates.”


“I wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for this recorded reading! I really felt your energy and like you were right here with me in person. It really resonates with me and the evolution of me as a person, and brand.  I love how you included a photo of the spread so I could see just what you were referencing when you talked about colours, images, shapes, etc. on each card.  Your review was incredibly spot on and intuitive!  It truly was the confirmation and validation I needed at this particular moment in time.  You actually mentioned several things that confirmed what I had mentioned in previous conversation with other people just the day before that confirmed those ideas. You also brought up things that I was being really harsh towards myself on – your words, spirits words/messages were really needed in regards to those things and it made me feel such a sense of relief – thank you. I will definitely be in touch in the very near future for another reading – you really have a special gift and the way you speak the messages and read has a very unique energy.  Thank you so much again!”


“I wanted to send my gratitude for the reading you did for my friend! She’s elated with the results and very energized with lovely potential and direction moving forward. Many heartfelt thanks.”


“I met Sates through Reiki. It was a wonderful experience and I felt connected to her.  Whenever I need some clarification or direction in my life, I always contact her for a tarot card reading. She is so knowledgeable with what she does and makes it really easy for me to understand the meaning of the cards with her detailed notes. I ALWAYS feel better after a session with Sates and whole heartedly recommend her. Thanks Sates, you’re a beacon of love & light!”


“I was so lucky to receive a complementary reading and I have to say it was on point! I thought I would give it some time before I shared my review, I didn’t mean to wait this long, but allowing the time to pass I have taken the advice received from the reading and things are going great. I don’t want to get into specifics about my reading but the accuracy is unbelievable. I have come back to my reading months later just to say “haha the reading was right!” It takes time sometimes to figure out what things mean, but when you do, you will have a beautiful aha! moment.”


“I want to thank you for your reading! It was like you were sitting right here with me and like you knew me for years! The struggle is real. The wisdom you read to me is comforting and gives me peace. Your reading also gives me hope and a desire to move forward. The spark I needed to start the fire. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for the gift of this reading. It has really helped bring clarity and peace to my heart and mind. Very beautifully presented to! XO”


Readings Disclaimer: Readings should never be taken in place of any medical/legal/professional advice of any kind. Any actions/decisions that a client chooses to make based on the results of a reading are the sole responsibility of the client and by purchasing a reading or service the client indicates understanding of these terms.