Empower: Wisdom

Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum … It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow.”


The Corvus Circle

I fell in love with the cards twenty years ago and they’ve been teaching, guiding, and sassing me ever since.

Sometimes we come to places along our path where the fog rolls in deep blankets, and the brambles grow thickly across our way.  Sometimes it’s hard to see which way to go next or even make out where you’ve come to.  Our intuition and inner compass can guide us if we listen closely, but sometimes the cards can help lift that veil to show the clearest step to take.

We’ve been using the Tarot to glimpse behind the shadows of the Unknown for centuries. We are fascinated by the possibility of changing our fate based on divine guidance and actively seek to learn more about where we are headed. There are many forms of divination, but cards hold a traditional aura that lures us in again and again.

I received my first oracle deck as a gift two decades ago and never looked back. I love reading cards. I find it thrilling to watch them weave a story of Spirit’s messages, bringing clarity to the unseen and a sense of magick to the mundane.

My readings are designed to make you feel empowered about where you are and where you can take yourself from here.  They offer guidance towards what needs healing in order for your own inner wisdom to speak.

The future is subjective – it changes as your choices do. No matter what the reading foretells, it is merely guidance – your future is still in your hands.

The Corvus Circle

In-Person Readings

My wonderful, beautiful darlings.

The Wheel of my World is turning again, and the Song of my Soul is pulling me toward my next adventure. I have been absolutely, undeniably blessed to have met such incredible people on this magickal journey. I have shared moments in sessions and readings where the beautiful truth of humanity was revealed in the vibrant connections made between myself and my clients. I am eternally grateful for the lights, the lessons, and the moments of laughter that I’ve shared in my time at Healing Moon. Thank you, endlessly, for all who allowed me to walk their path with them, even just for an hour. I will carry those experiences forward and wish all the very best for your brilliant, bright futures. 

I will be expanding my virtual services over the next couple of months in order to continue serving and sharing my magick.

Here’s to the future.

All my love,

Sates xo

The Corvus Circle

Email Readings

All readings are delivered within 3 days of purchase.  They are sent to the email provided during purchase (unless otherwise specified at checkout). Please be sure to check your junk or spam folders if you don’t see it in your inbox.

Readings are emailed as a PDF ebook attachment, including images of the reading itself and the individual cards, as well as deep, detailed messages for each. I put a lot of time into my email readings, to ensure a beautiful finished document for you to keep forever and look back on in future to see how you’ve grown since.

Each reading offers the opportunity to choose your deck (preview each by clicking their names below), as well as a chance to indicate what you’d like the focus to be, keeping in mind each layout’s unique theme.

Due to their customised/personalised nature, all email readings are final sale.

Peek of Insight

A Peek of Insight


A Hint of Wisdom

1 Card

Take a quick peek behind the curtain to catch a glimpse of clarity with this mini-reading.  A single card is pulled to offer a bit of guidance with whatever you may be curious about.  You can ask a question, seek the lesson in your situation, or just see what comes up for fun!  What does Spirit need you to know right now?  The possibilities are endless.

Choose Your Deck
Focus of your reading?


The Corvus Circle


2 Cards

One card for You, one card for Them, and all of the magick in between.  Whether it’s a partner, friend, family member, or two sides of your own Soul, this reading shows the reality of the balance, and where it may be tipping.  Offering insight into the energies of each vibration within the relationship, focusing on what they bring in, and diving deeply into how those energies intertwine, move together, compliment and resist each other.


Choose Your Deck
Focus: you/person, you/you




3 Cards

The classic spread that addresses the past, present and future of your situation or question.  Whether it’s love, your career, or a general query of where Spirit wishes to guide you at this time, this reading offers clarity about your current path.  This spread can be your best friend when it comes to working through life’s challenges, and also the times when you’re not necessarily challenged but just looking for a bit of insight and guidance.


Choose Your Deck
Focus of your reading?
the Crown

The Crown


4 Cards

Inspired by the ceremonial crown of the High Priestess, this spread is meant to look at your current reality from the level of manifestation – what’s brought this reality into being, what’s currently feeding it, and what’s going to appear soon.  We then seek to connect with Spirit’s wisdom as we would through our Crown Chakra, opening the way for knowing and affirmation to flow into us and bring clarity. 


Choose Your Deck
Focus of your reading?
Heart Centre

Heart Centre

The Corvus Circle


5 Cards

Drawing on the powerful alchemy of the pentacle, the star, the human composition, and the five elements, this reading offers insight into the roots and branches of a relationship – with a partner, friend, family member…or with yourself.  The energies surrounding the core of the relationship will address what needs to be released, what needs to be drawn in, where you’re supported, where you draw strength, and what Spirit needs you to know most. 


Choose Your Deck
Focus: you/partner or yourself
Witches Knot

The Witches Knot



6 Cards

This spread is designed to help you get to the root of a situation so you can learn its purpose and how best to navigate it.  It touches upon intentions, foundations and influences, to ultimately help you understand why your energy has manifested this in your life.  We each create our own reality, but sometimes the lessons are hard to see.  This spread offers guidance and understanding to help make the lesson clear.


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Cerridwen's Cauldron

Cerridwen's Cauldron


Shadow Work

7 Cards

This is a deeper, and oftentimes darker, glimpse into the shadows along your path.  This spread reveals an in-depth look at the areas in your life that need to be healed or released (or both) in order for you to rise up and evolve towards your next manifestation of self.  This reading will help bring clarity to what must be shed in order for you to grow.  What still holds you back?  What remains below the surface, still pulling your attention from the road ahead?  Heal it, and let it go.


Choose Your Deck
Focus of your reading?
Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross


Traditional Guidance

10 Cards

This spread can be used to gain deeper insight into any situation or issue, or reveal valuable information to help with an important decision.  It looks at not only your own role in the situation, but also the influences surrounding you.  A thorough look into things, The Celtic Cross spread remains a favourite among readers and truth seekers alike.


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Focus of your reading?
The Corvus Circle


“Thank you so much for the gift of this reading. It has really helped bring clarity and peace to my heart and mind. Very beautifully presented to! XO”


“I want to thank you for your reading! It was like you were sitting right here with me and like you knew me for years! The struggle is real. The wisdom you read to me is comforting and gives me peace. Your reading also gives me hope and a desire to move forward. The spark I needed to start the fire. Thank you.”


“I was so lucky to receive a complementary reading and I have to say it was on point! I thought I would give it some time before I shared my review, I didn’t mean to wait this long, but allowing the time to pass I have taken the advice received from the reading and things are going great. I don’t want to get into specifics about my reading but the accuracy is unbelievable. I have come back to my reading months later just to say “haha the reading was right!” It takes time sometimes to figure out what things mean, but when you do, you will have a beautiful aha! moment.”


“I met Sates through Reiki. It was a wonderful experience and I felt connected to her.  Whenever I need some clarification or direction in my life, I always contact her for a tarot card reading. She is so knowledgeable with what she does and makes it really easy for me to understand the meaning of the cards with her detailed notes. I ALWAYS feel better after a session with Sates and whole heartedly recommend her. Thanks Sates, you’re a beacon of love & light! “


The Corvus Circle
Fear is dangerous, not the tarot.
The tarot represents the spectrum of the human condition,
the good, the evil, the light, and the dark.
Do not fear the darker aspects of the human condition.
Understand them.
The tarot is a storybook about life,
about the greatness of human accomplishment,
and also the ugliness we are each capable of.”


The Corvus Circle

Disclaimer: Card Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Any information suggested during the reading should never be taken in place of any financial, legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. The reader will not be held responsible or liable for any losses/damages/issues arising from the information suggested during the reading, including without limitation, any indirect or consequential losses/damages/issues, and any actions or decisions that a client chooses to take and/or make based upon the results of a reading. The reader does not predict illnesses, pregnancies or deaths, nor offer any financial, legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. All actions and/or decisions taken and/or made by the client as a result of any information suggested during the reading are the sole responsibility of the client and by purchasing a reading or service the client indicates understanding of these terms and waives any and all ability to take legal action against the reader.

The future is subjective and far from set in stone – you can change your path at any time.

The Corvus Circle