Handwritten Reading

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The Corvus Circle


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Handwritten Reading

A reading to honour the art of the handwritten correspondence. There’s a quiet, beautiful, natural magick in lighting a candle, spreading the cards, and writing channeled messages by hand. There’s a timelessness to it, and this offering has been calling to me for a long time now. I hope it finds resonance with those who appreciate the experience of opening something by hand, created just for them, with patience & good intentions.

The Corvus Circle

DECK: The classic Rider-Waite/Waite-Smith Tarots. There won’t be a photo of the cards, but I’ll tell you which ones came up.

FOCUS: Please use the Order Notes section during checkout to specify one (1) area of focus.

This reading is performed within five (5) business days of purchase & mailed by post to the shipping address provided at checkout. The number of cards pulled is entirely intuitive for each reading, and the amount of pages written will vary based on what comes through for you.

MUST BE ABLE TO READ CURSIVE. My natural handwriting is a cursive-printing hybrid that leans heavily towards cursive. If anything is totally illegible, absolutely reach out to me! Sometimes when the channel gets flowing, I write too fast lol But I will do my absolute best to keep it as clear as I can.

***IMPORTANT: Must be 18+ years of age to purchase.

I also offer ebook, audio & Zoom readings.

All readings are final sale.

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